This document describes an older version of Celery (2.2). For the latest stable version please go here.


exception celery.exceptions.AlreadyRegistered

The task is already registered.

exception celery.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured

Celery is somehow improperly configured.

exception celery.exceptions.MaxRetriesExceededError

The tasks max restart limit has been exceeded.

exception celery.exceptions.NotConfigured

Celery has not been configured, as no config module has been found.

exception celery.exceptions.NotRegistered

The task is not registered.

exception celery.exceptions.QueueNotFound

Task routed to a queue not in CELERY_QUEUES.

exception celery.exceptions.RetryTaskError(message, exc, *args, **kwargs)

The task is to be retried later.

exception celery.exceptions.SoftTimeLimitExceeded

The soft time limit has been exceeded. This exception is raised to give the task a chance to clean up.

exception celery.exceptions.SystemTerminate

Signals that the worker should terminate.

exception celery.exceptions.TaskRevokedError

The task has been revoked, so no result available.

exception celery.exceptions.TimeLimitExceeded

The time limit has been exceeded and the job has been terminated.

exception celery.exceptions.TimeoutError

The operation timed out.

exception celery.exceptions.WorkerLostError

The worker processing a job has exited prematurely.

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