This document describes Celery 2.3. For development docs, go here.


class celery.execute.trace.TaskTrace(task_name, task_id, args, kwargs, task=None, request=None, propagate=None, **_)
handle_after_return(status, retval, type_, tb, strtb, einfo=None)
handle_failure(exc, type_, tb, strtb)

Handle exception.

handle_retry(exc, type_, tb, strtb)

Handle retry exception.

handle_success(retval, *args)

Handle successful execution.

class celery.execute.trace.TraceInfo(status='PENDING', retval=None, exc_info=None)
classmethod trace(fun, args, kwargs, propagate=False)

Trace the execution of a function, calling the appropiate callback if the function raises retry, an failure or returned successfully.

Parameters:propagate – If true, errors will propagate to the caller.

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