This document describes the current stable version of Celery (5.4). For development docs, go here.

Source code for celery._state

"""Internal state.

This is an internal module containing thread state
like the ``current_app``, and ``current_task``.

This module shouldn't be used directly.

import os
import sys
import threading
import weakref

from celery.local import Proxy
from celery.utils.threads import LocalStack

__all__ = (
    'set_default_app', 'get_current_app', 'get_current_task',
    'get_current_worker_task', 'current_app', 'current_task',

#: Global default app used when no current app.
default_app = None

#: Function returning the app provided or the default app if none.
#: The environment variable :envvar:`CELERY_TRACE_APP` is used to
#: trace app leaks.  When enabled an exception is raised if there
#: is no active app.
app_or_default = None

#: List of all app instances (weakrefs), mustn't be used directly.
_apps = weakref.WeakSet()

#: Global set of functions to call whenever a new app is finalized.
#: Shared tasks, and built-in tasks are created by adding callbacks here.
_on_app_finalizers = set()

_task_join_will_block = False

[docs] def connect_on_app_finalize(callback): """Connect callback to be called when any app is finalized.""" _on_app_finalizers.add(callback) return callback
def _announce_app_finalized(app): callbacks = set(_on_app_finalizers) for callback in callbacks: callback(app) def _set_task_join_will_block(blocks): global _task_join_will_block _task_join_will_block = blocks def task_join_will_block(): return _task_join_will_block class _TLS(threading.local): #: Apps with the :attr:`` attribute #: sets this, so it will always contain the last instantiated app, #: and is the default app returned by :func:`app_or_default`. current_app = None _tls = _TLS() _task_stack = LocalStack() #: Function used to push a task to the thread local stack #: keeping track of the currently executing task. #: You must remember to pop the task after. push_current_task = _task_stack.push #: Function used to pop a task from the thread local stack #: keeping track of the currently executing task. pop_current_task = _task_stack.pop
[docs] def set_default_app(app): """Set default app.""" global default_app default_app = app
def _get_current_app(): if default_app is None: #: creates the global fallback app instance. from import Celery set_default_app(Celery( 'default', fixups=[], set_as_current=False, loader=os.environ.get('CELERY_LOADER') or 'default', )) return _tls.current_app or default_app def _set_current_app(app): _tls.current_app = app if os.environ.get('C_STRICT_APP'): # pragma: no cover def get_current_app(): """Return the current app.""" raise RuntimeError('USES CURRENT APP') elif os.environ.get('C_WARN_APP'): # pragma: no cover
[docs] def get_current_app(): import traceback print('-- USES CURRENT_APP', file=sys.stderr) # + traceback.print_stack(file=sys.stderr) return _get_current_app()
else: get_current_app = _get_current_app
[docs] def get_current_task(): """Currently executing task.""" return
[docs] def get_current_worker_task(): """Currently executing task, that was applied by the worker. This is used to differentiate between the actual task executed by the worker and any task that was called within a task (using ``task.__call__`` or ``task.apply``) """ for task in reversed(_task_stack.stack): if not task.request.called_directly: return task
#: Proxy to current app. current_app = Proxy(get_current_app) #: Proxy to current task. current_task = Proxy(get_current_task) def _register_app(app): _apps.add(app) def _deregister_app(app): _apps.discard(app) def _get_active_apps(): return _apps def _app_or_default(app=None): if app is None: return get_current_app() return app def _app_or_default_trace(app=None): # pragma: no cover from traceback import print_stack try: from billiard.process import current_process except ImportError: current_process = None if app is None: if getattr(_tls, 'current_app', None): print('-- RETURNING TO CURRENT APP --') # + print_stack() return _tls.current_app if not current_process or current_process()._name == 'MainProcess': raise Exception('DEFAULT APP') print('-- RETURNING TO DEFAULT APP --') # + print_stack() return default_app return app
[docs] def enable_trace(): """Enable tracing of app instances.""" global app_or_default app_or_default = _app_or_default_trace
[docs] def disable_trace(): """Disable tracing of app instances.""" global app_or_default app_or_default = _app_or_default
if os.environ.get('CELERY_TRACE_APP'): # pragma: no cover enable_trace() else: disable_trace()