This document describes the current stable version of Celery (5.3). For development docs, go here.

Source code for celery.apps.worker

"""Worker command-line program.

This module is the 'program-version' of :mod:`celery.worker`.

It does everything necessary to run that module
as an actual application, like installing signal handlers,
platform tweaks, and so on.
import logging
import os
import platform as _platform
import sys
from datetime import datetime
from functools import partial

from billiard.common import REMAP_SIGTERM
from billiard.process import current_process
from kombu.utils.encoding import safe_str

from celery import VERSION_BANNER, platforms, signals
from import trace
from import AppLoader
from celery.platforms import EX_FAILURE, EX_OK, check_privileges
from celery.utils import static, term
from celery.utils.debug import cry
from celery.utils.imports import qualname
from celery.utils.log import get_logger, in_sighandler, set_in_sighandler
from celery.utils.text import pluralize
from celery.worker import WorkController

__all__ = ('Worker',)

logger = get_logger(__name__)
is_jython = sys.platform.startswith('java')
is_pypy = hasattr(sys, 'pypy_version_info')

    ' --------------',
    '--- ***** -----',
    '-- ******* ----',
    '- *** --- * ---',
    '- ** ----------',
    '- ** ----------',
    '- ** ----------',
    '- ** ----------',
    '- *** --- * ---',
    '-- ******* ----',
    '--- ***** -----',
    ' --------------',

BANNER = """\
{hostname} v{version}

{platform} {timestamp}

.> app:         {app}
.> transport:   {conninfo}
.> results:     {results}
.> concurrency: {concurrency}
.> task events: {events}



def active_thread_count():
    from threading import enumerate
    return sum(1 for t in enumerate()
               if not'Dummy-'))

def safe_say(msg):
    print(f'\n{msg}', file=sys.__stderr__, flush=True)

[docs]class Worker(WorkController): """Worker as a program."""
[docs] def on_before_init(self, quiet=False, **kwargs): self.quiet = quiet trace.setup_worker_optimizations(, self.hostname) # this signal can be used to set up configuration for # workers by name. signals.celeryd_init.send( sender=self.hostname, instance=self,, options=kwargs, ) check_privileges(
[docs] def on_after_init(self, purge=False, no_color=None, redirect_stdouts=None, redirect_stdouts_level=None, **kwargs): self.redirect_stdouts = 'worker_redirect_stdouts', redirect_stdouts) self.redirect_stdouts_level = 'worker_redirect_stdouts_level', redirect_stdouts_level) super().setup_defaults(**kwargs) self.purge = purge self.no_color = no_color self._isatty = sys.stdout.isatty() self.colored = self.logfile, enabled=not no_color if no_color is not None else no_color )
[docs] def on_init_blueprint(self): self._custom_logging = self.setup_logging() # apply task execution optimizations # -- This will finalize the app! trace.setup_worker_optimizations(, self.hostname)
[docs] def on_start(self): app = super().on_start() # this signal can be used to, for example, change queues after # the -Q option has been applied. signals.celeryd_after_setup.send( sender=self.hostname, instance=self, conf=app.conf, ) if self.purge: self.purge_messages() if not self.quiet: self.emit_banner() self.set_process_status('-active-') self.install_platform_tweaks(self) if not self._custom_logging and self.redirect_stdouts: app.log.redirect_stdouts(self.redirect_stdouts_level) # TODO: Remove the following code in Celery 6.0 # This qualifies as a hack for issue #6366. warn_deprecated = True config_source = app._config_source if isinstance(config_source, str): # Don't raise the warning when the settings originate from # django.conf:settings warn_deprecated = config_source.lower() not in [ 'django.conf:settings', ] if warn_deprecated: if app.conf.maybe_warn_deprecated_settings(): logger.warning( "Please run `celery upgrade settings path/to/` " "to avoid these warnings and to allow a smoother upgrade " "to Celery 6.0." )
[docs] def emit_banner(self): # Dump configuration to screen so we have some basic information # for when users sends bug reports. use_image = term.supports_images() if use_image: print(term.imgcat(static.logo())) print(safe_str(''.join([ str(self.colored.cyan( ' \n', self.startup_info(artlines=not use_image))), str(self.colored.reset(self.extra_info() or '')), ])), file=sys.__stdout__, flush=True)
[docs] def on_consumer_ready(self, consumer): signals.worker_ready.send(sender=consumer)'%s ready.', safe_str(self.hostname))
[docs] def setup_logging(self, colorize=None): if colorize is None and self.no_color is not None: colorize = not self.no_color return self.loglevel, self.logfile, redirect_stdouts=False, colorize=colorize, hostname=self.hostname, )
[docs] def purge_messages(self): with as connection: count = if count: # pragma: no cover print(f"purge: Erased {count} {pluralize(count, 'message')} from the queue.\n", flush=True)
[docs] def tasklist(self, include_builtins=True, sep='\n', int_='celery.'): return sep.join( f' . {task}' for task in sorted( if (not task.startswith(int_) if not include_builtins else task) )
[docs] def extra_info(self): if self.loglevel is None: return if self.loglevel <= logging.INFO: include_builtins = self.loglevel <= logging.DEBUG tasklist = self.tasklist(include_builtins=include_builtins) return EXTRA_INFO_FMT.format(tasks=tasklist)
[docs] def startup_info(self, artlines=True): app = concurrency = str(self.concurrency) appr = '{}:{:#x}'.format(app.main or '__main__', id(app)) if not isinstance(app.loader, AppLoader): loader = qualname(app.loader) if loader.startswith('celery.loaders'): # pragma: no cover loader = loader[14:] appr += f' ({loader})' if self.autoscale: max, min = self.autoscale concurrency = f'{{min={min}, max={max}}}' pool = self.pool_cls if not isinstance(pool, str): pool = pool.__module__ concurrency += f" ({pool.split('.')[-1]})" events = 'ON' if not self.task_events: events = 'OFF (enable -E to monitor tasks in this worker)' banner = BANNER.format( app=appr, hostname=safe_str(self.hostname),, version=VERSION_BANNER,,, concurrency=concurrency, platform=safe_str(_platform.platform()), events=events, queues=app.amqp.queues.format(indent=0, indent_first=False), ).splitlines() # integrate the ASCII art. if artlines: for i, _ in enumerate(banner): try: banner[i] = ' '.join([ARTLINES[i], banner[i]]) except IndexError: banner[i] = ' ' * 16 + banner[i] return '\n'.join(banner) + '\n'
[docs] def install_platform_tweaks(self, worker): """Install platform specific tweaks and workarounds.""" if self.macOS_proxy_detection_workaround() # Install signal handler so SIGHUP restarts the worker. if not self._isatty: # only install HUP handler if detached from terminal, # so closing the terminal window doesn't restart the worker # into the background. if # macOS can't exec from a process using threads. # See install_HUP_not_supported_handler(worker) else: install_worker_restart_handler(worker) install_worker_term_handler(worker) install_worker_term_hard_handler(worker) install_worker_int_handler(worker) install_cry_handler() install_rdb_handler()
[docs] def macOS_proxy_detection_workaround(self): """See""" os.environ.setdefault('celery_dummy_proxy', 'set_by_celeryd')
[docs] def set_process_status(self, info): return platforms.set_mp_process_title( 'celeryd', info=f'{info} ({platforms.strargv(sys.argv)})', hostname=self.hostname, )
def _shutdown_handler(worker, sig='TERM', how='Warm', callback=None, exitcode=EX_OK): def _handle_request(*args): with in_sighandler(): from celery.worker import state if current_process()._name == 'MainProcess': if callback: callback(worker) safe_say(f'worker: {how} shutdown (MainProcess)') signals.worker_shutting_down.send( sender=worker.hostname, sig=sig, how=how, exitcode=exitcode, ) setattr(state, {'Warm': 'should_stop', 'Cold': 'should_terminate'}[how], exitcode) _handle_request.__name__ = str(f'worker_{how}') platforms.signals[sig] = _handle_request if REMAP_SIGTERM == "SIGQUIT": install_worker_term_handler = partial( _shutdown_handler, sig='SIGTERM', how='Cold', exitcode=EX_FAILURE, ) else: install_worker_term_handler = partial( _shutdown_handler, sig='SIGTERM', how='Warm', ) if not is_jython: # pragma: no cover install_worker_term_hard_handler = partial( _shutdown_handler, sig='SIGQUIT', how='Cold', exitcode=EX_FAILURE, ) else: # pragma: no cover install_worker_term_handler = \ install_worker_term_hard_handler = lambda *a, **kw: None def on_SIGINT(worker): safe_say('worker: Hitting Ctrl+C again will terminate all running tasks!') install_worker_term_hard_handler(worker, sig='SIGINT') if not is_jython: # pragma: no cover install_worker_int_handler = partial( _shutdown_handler, sig='SIGINT', callback=on_SIGINT, exitcode=EX_FAILURE, ) else: # pragma: no cover def install_worker_int_handler(*args, **kwargs): pass def _reload_current_worker(): platforms.close_open_fds([ sys.__stdin__, sys.__stdout__, sys.__stderr__, ]) os.execv(sys.executable, [sys.executable] + sys.argv) def install_worker_restart_handler(worker, sig='SIGHUP'): def restart_worker_sig_handler(*args): """Signal handler restarting the current python program.""" set_in_sighandler(True) safe_say(f"Restarting celery worker ({' '.join(sys.argv)})") import atexit atexit.register(_reload_current_worker) from celery.worker import state state.should_stop = EX_OK platforms.signals[sig] = restart_worker_sig_handler def install_cry_handler(sig='SIGUSR1'): # PyPy does not have sys._current_frames if is_pypy: # pragma: no cover return def cry_handler(*args): """Signal handler logging the stack-trace of all active threads.""" with in_sighandler(): safe_say(cry()) platforms.signals[sig] = cry_handler def install_rdb_handler(envvar='CELERY_RDBSIG', sig='SIGUSR2'): # pragma: no cover def rdb_handler(*args): """Signal handler setting a rdb breakpoint at the current frame.""" with in_sighandler(): from celery.contrib.rdb import _frame, set_trace # gevent does not pass standard signal handler args frame = args[1] if args else _frame().f_back set_trace(frame) if os.environ.get(envvar): platforms.signals[sig] = rdb_handler def install_HUP_not_supported_handler(worker, sig='SIGHUP'): def warn_on_HUP_handler(signum, frame): with in_sighandler(): safe_say('{sig} not supported: Restarting with {sig} is ' 'unstable on this platform!'.format(sig=sig)) platforms.signals[sig] = warn_on_HUP_handler