This document describes the current stable version of Celery (5.3). For development docs, go here.

Source code for celery.backends.cosmosdbsql

"""The CosmosDB/SQL backend for Celery (experimental)."""
from kombu.utils import cached_property
from kombu.utils.encoding import bytes_to_str
from kombu.utils.url import _parse_url

from celery.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
from celery.utils.log import get_logger

from .base import KeyValueStoreBackend

    import pydocumentdb
    from pydocumentdb.document_client import DocumentClient
    from pydocumentdb.documents import ConnectionPolicy, ConsistencyLevel, PartitionKind
    from pydocumentdb.errors import HTTPFailure
    from pydocumentdb.retry_options import RetryOptions
except ImportError:
    pydocumentdb = DocumentClient = ConsistencyLevel = PartitionKind = \
        HTTPFailure = ConnectionPolicy = RetryOptions = None

__all__ = ("CosmosDBSQLBackend",)


LOGGER = get_logger(__name__)

[docs]class CosmosDBSQLBackend(KeyValueStoreBackend): """CosmosDB/SQL backend for Celery.""" def __init__(self, url=None, database_name=None, collection_name=None, consistency_level=None, max_retry_attempts=None, max_retry_wait_time=None, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) if pydocumentdb is None: raise ImproperlyConfigured( "You need to install the pydocumentdb library to use the " "CosmosDB backend.") conf = self._endpoint, self._key = self._parse_url(url) self._database_name = ( database_name or conf["cosmosdbsql_database_name"]) self._collection_name = ( collection_name or conf["cosmosdbsql_collection_name"]) try: self._consistency_level = getattr( ConsistencyLevel, consistency_level or conf["cosmosdbsql_consistency_level"]) except AttributeError: raise ImproperlyConfigured("Unknown CosmosDB consistency level") self._max_retry_attempts = ( max_retry_attempts or conf["cosmosdbsql_max_retry_attempts"]) self._max_retry_wait_time = ( max_retry_wait_time or conf["cosmosdbsql_max_retry_wait_time"]) @classmethod def _parse_url(cls, url): _, host, port, _, password, _, _ = _parse_url(url) if not host or not password: raise ImproperlyConfigured("Invalid URL") if not port: port = 443 scheme = "https" if port == 443 else "http" endpoint = f"{scheme}://{host}:{port}" return endpoint, password @cached_property def _client(self): """Return the CosmosDB/SQL client. If this is the first call to the property, the client is created and the database and collection are initialized if they don't yet exist. """ connection_policy = ConnectionPolicy() connection_policy.RetryOptions = RetryOptions( max_retry_attempt_count=self._max_retry_attempts, max_wait_time_in_seconds=self._max_retry_wait_time) client = DocumentClient( self._endpoint, {"masterKey": self._key}, connection_policy=connection_policy, consistency_level=self._consistency_level) self._create_database_if_not_exists(client) self._create_collection_if_not_exists(client) return client def _create_database_if_not_exists(self, client): try: client.CreateDatabase({"id": self._database_name}) except HTTPFailure as ex: if ex.status_code != ERROR_EXISTS: raise else:"Created CosmosDB database %s", self._database_name) def _create_collection_if_not_exists(self, client): try: client.CreateCollection( self._database_link, {"id": self._collection_name, "partitionKey": {"paths": ["/id"], "kind": PartitionKind.Hash}}) except HTTPFailure as ex: if ex.status_code != ERROR_EXISTS: raise else:"Created CosmosDB collection %s/%s", self._database_name, self._collection_name) @cached_property def _database_link(self): return "dbs/" + self._database_name @cached_property def _collection_link(self): return self._database_link + "/colls/" + self._collection_name def _get_document_link(self, key): return self._collection_link + "/docs/" + key @classmethod def _get_partition_key(cls, key): if not key or key.isspace(): raise ValueError("Key cannot be none, empty or whitespace.") return {"partitionKey": key}
[docs] def get(self, key): """Read the value stored at the given key. Args: key: The key for which to read the value. """ key = bytes_to_str(key) LOGGER.debug("Getting CosmosDB document %s/%s/%s", self._database_name, self._collection_name, key) try: document = self._client.ReadDocument( self._get_document_link(key), self._get_partition_key(key)) except HTTPFailure as ex: if ex.status_code != ERROR_NOT_FOUND: raise return None else: return document.get("value")
[docs] def set(self, key, value): """Store a value for a given key. Args: key: The key at which to store the value. value: The value to store. """ key = bytes_to_str(key) LOGGER.debug("Creating CosmosDB document %s/%s/%s", self._database_name, self._collection_name, key) self._client.CreateDocument( self._collection_link, {"id": key, "value": value}, self._get_partition_key(key))
[docs] def mget(self, keys): """Read all the values for the provided keys. Args: keys: The list of keys to read. """ return [self.get(key) for key in keys]
[docs] def delete(self, key): """Delete the value at a given key. Args: key: The key of the value to delete. """ key = bytes_to_str(key) LOGGER.debug("Deleting CosmosDB document %s/%s/%s", self._database_name, self._collection_name, key) self._client.DeleteDocument( self._get_document_link(key), self._get_partition_key(key))