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Source code for celery.utils.deprecated

"""Deprecation utilities."""
import warnings

from vine.utils import wraps

from celery.exceptions import CDeprecationWarning, CPendingDeprecationWarning

__all__ = ('Callable', 'Property', 'warn')

    {description} is scheduled for deprecation in \
    version {deprecation} and removal in version v{removal}. \

    {description} is deprecated and scheduled for removal in
    version {removal}. {alternative}

[docs] def warn(description=None, deprecation=None, removal=None, alternative=None, stacklevel=2): """Warn of (pending) deprecation.""" ctx = {'description': description, 'deprecation': deprecation, 'removal': removal, 'alternative': alternative} if deprecation is not None: w = CPendingDeprecationWarning(PENDING_DEPRECATION_FMT.format(**ctx)) else: w = CDeprecationWarning(DEPRECATION_FMT.format(**ctx)) warnings.warn(w, stacklevel=stacklevel)
[docs] def Callable(deprecation=None, removal=None, alternative=None, description=None): """Decorator for deprecated functions. A deprecation warning will be emitted when the function is called. Arguments: deprecation (str): Version that marks first deprecation, if this argument isn't set a ``PendingDeprecationWarning`` will be emitted instead. removal (str): Future version when this feature will be removed. alternative (str): Instructions for an alternative solution (if any). description (str): Description of what's being deprecated. """ def _inner(fun): @wraps(fun) def __inner(*args, **kwargs): from .imports import qualname warn(description=description or qualname(fun), deprecation=deprecation, removal=removal, alternative=alternative, stacklevel=3) return fun(*args, **kwargs) return __inner return _inner
[docs] def Property(deprecation=None, removal=None, alternative=None, description=None): """Decorator for deprecated properties.""" def _inner(fun): return _deprecated_property( fun, deprecation=deprecation, removal=removal, alternative=alternative, description=description or fun.__name__) return _inner
class _deprecated_property: def __init__(self, fget=None, fset=None, fdel=None, doc=None, **depreinfo): self.__get = fget self.__set = fset self.__del = fdel self.__name__, self.__module__, self.__doc__ = ( fget.__name__, fget.__module__, fget.__doc__, ) self.depreinfo = depreinfo self.depreinfo.setdefault('stacklevel', 3) def __get__(self, obj, type=None): if obj is None: return self warn(**self.depreinfo) return self.__get(obj) def __set__(self, obj, value): if obj is None: return self if self.__set is None: raise AttributeError('cannot set attribute') warn(**self.depreinfo) self.__set(obj, value) def __delete__(self, obj): if obj is None: return self if self.__del is None: raise AttributeError('cannot delete attribute') warn(**self.depreinfo) self.__del(obj) def setter(self, fset): return self.__class__(self.__get, fset, self.__del, **self.depreinfo) def deleter(self, fdel): return self.__class__(self.__get, self.__set, fdel, **self.depreinfo)