This document describes the current stable version of Celery (5.4). For development docs, go here.

Source code for celery.utils.imports

"""Utilities related to importing modules and symbols by name."""
import os
import sys
import warnings
from contextlib import contextmanager
from importlib import import_module, reload

    from importlib.metadata import entry_points
except ImportError:
    from importlib_metadata import entry_points

from kombu.utils.imports import symbol_by_name

#: Billiard sets this when execv is enabled.
#: We use it to find out the name of the original ``__main__``
#: module, so that we can properly rewrite the name of the
#: task to be that of ``App.main``.
MP_MAIN_FILE = os.environ.get('MP_MAIN_FILE')

__all__ = (
    'NotAPackage', 'qualname', 'instantiate', 'symbol_by_name',
    'cwd_in_path', 'find_module', 'import_from_cwd',
    'reload_from_cwd', 'module_file', 'gen_task_name',

[docs] class NotAPackage(Exception): """Raised when importing a package, but it's not a package."""
[docs] def qualname(obj): """Return object name.""" if not hasattr(obj, '__name__') and hasattr(obj, '__class__'): obj = obj.__class__ q = getattr(obj, '__qualname__', None) if '.' not in q: q = '.'.join((obj.__module__, q)) return q
[docs] def instantiate(name, *args, **kwargs): """Instantiate class by name. See Also: :func:`symbol_by_name`. """ return symbol_by_name(name)(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] @contextmanager def cwd_in_path(): """Context adding the current working directory to sys.path.""" try: cwd = os.getcwd() except FileNotFoundError: cwd = None if not cwd: yield elif cwd in sys.path: yield else: sys.path.insert(0, cwd) try: yield cwd finally: try: sys.path.remove(cwd) except ValueError: # pragma: no cover pass
[docs] def find_module(module, path=None, imp=None): """Version of :func:`imp.find_module` supporting dots.""" if imp is None: imp = import_module with cwd_in_path(): try: return imp(module) except ImportError: # Raise a more specific error if the problem is that one of the # dot-separated segments of the module name is not a package. if '.' in module: parts = module.split('.') for i, part in enumerate(parts[:-1]): package = '.'.join(parts[:i + 1]) try: mpart = imp(package) except ImportError: # Break out and re-raise the original ImportError # instead. break try: mpart.__path__ except AttributeError: raise NotAPackage(package) raise
[docs] def import_from_cwd(module, imp=None, package=None): """Import module, temporarily including modules in the current directory. Modules located in the current directory has precedence over modules located in `sys.path`. """ if imp is None: imp = import_module with cwd_in_path(): return imp(module, package=package)
[docs] def reload_from_cwd(module, reloader=None): """Reload module (ensuring that CWD is in sys.path).""" if reloader is None: reloader = reload with cwd_in_path(): return reloader(module)
[docs] def module_file(module): """Return the correct original file name of a module.""" name = module.__file__ return name[:-1] if name.endswith('.pyc') else name
[docs] def gen_task_name(app, name, module_name): """Generate task name from name/module pair.""" module_name = module_name or '__main__' try: module = sys.modules[module_name] except KeyError: # Fix for shell_plus (Issue #366) module = None if module is not None: module_name = module.__name__ # - If the task module is used as the __main__ script # - we need to rewrite the module part of the task name # - to match App.main. if MP_MAIN_FILE and module.__file__ == MP_MAIN_FILE: # - see comment about :envvar:`MP_MAIN_FILE` above. module_name = '__main__' if module_name == '__main__' and app.main: return '.'.join([app.main, name]) return '.'.join(p for p in (module_name, name) if p)
def load_extension_class_names(namespace): if sys.version_info >= (3, 10): _entry_points = entry_points(group=namespace) else: try: _entry_points = entry_points().get(namespace, []) except AttributeError: _entry_points = entry_points().select(group=namespace) for ep in _entry_points: yield, ep.value def load_extension_classes(namespace): for name, class_name in load_extension_class_names(namespace): try: cls = symbol_by_name(class_name) except (ImportError, SyntaxError) as exc: warnings.warn( f'Cannot load {namespace} extension {class_name!r}: {exc!r}') else: yield name, cls