This document describes the current stable version of Celery (5.3). For development docs, go here.

Source code for celery.utils.nodenames

"""Worker name utilities."""
import os
import socket
from functools import partial

from kombu.entity import Exchange, Queue

from .functional import memoize
from .text import simple_format

#: Exchange for worker direct queues.

#: Format for worker direct queue names.

#: Separator for worker node name and hostname.


gethostname = memoize(1, Cache=dict)(socket.gethostname)

__all__ = (
    'worker_direct', 'gethostname', 'nodename',
    'anon_nodename', 'nodesplit', 'default_nodename',
    'node_format', 'host_format',

[docs]def worker_direct(hostname): """Return the :class:`kombu.Queue` being a direct route to a worker. Arguments: hostname (str, ~kombu.Queue): The fully qualified node name of a worker (e.g., ````). If passed a :class:`kombu.Queue` instance it will simply return that instead. """ if isinstance(hostname, Queue): return hostname return Queue( WORKER_DIRECT_QUEUE_FORMAT.format(hostname=hostname), WORKER_DIRECT_EXCHANGE, hostname, )
[docs]def nodename(name, hostname): """Create node name from name/hostname pair.""" return NODENAME_SEP.join((name, hostname))
[docs]def anon_nodename(hostname=None, prefix='gen'): """Return the nodename for this process (not a worker). This is used for e.g. the origin task message field. """ return nodename(''.join([prefix, str(os.getpid())]), hostname or gethostname())
[docs]def nodesplit(name): """Split node name into tuple of name/hostname.""" parts = name.split(NODENAME_SEP, 1) if len(parts) == 1: return None, parts[0] return parts
[docs]def default_nodename(hostname): """Return the default nodename for this process.""" name, host = nodesplit(hostname or '') return nodename(name or NODENAME_DEFAULT, host or gethostname())
[docs]def node_format(s, name, **extra): """Format worker node name (""" shortname, host = nodesplit(name) return host_format( s, host, shortname or NODENAME_DEFAULT, p=name, **extra)
def _fmt_process_index(prefix='', default='0'): from .log import current_process_index index = current_process_index() return f'{prefix}{index}' if index else default _fmt_process_index_with_prefix = partial(_fmt_process_index, '-', '')
[docs]def host_format(s, host=None, name=None, **extra): """Format host %x abbreviations.""" host = host or gethostname() hname, _, domain = host.partition('.') name = name or hname keys = dict({ 'h': host, 'n': name, 'd': domain, 'i': _fmt_process_index, 'I': _fmt_process_index_with_prefix, }, **extra) return simple_format(s, keys)