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Source code for kombu.exceptions


from __future__ import annotations

from socket import timeout as TimeoutError
from types import TracebackType
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, TypeVar

from amqp import ChannelError, ConnectionError, ResourceError

    from kombu.asynchronous.http import Response

__all__ = (
    'reraise', 'KombuError', 'OperationalError',
    'NotBoundError', 'MessageStateError', 'TimeoutError',
    'LimitExceeded', 'ConnectionLimitExceeded',
    'ChannelLimitExceeded', 'ConnectionError', 'ChannelError',
    'VersionMismatch', 'SerializerNotInstalled', 'ResourceError',
    'SerializationError', 'EncodeError', 'DecodeError', 'HttpError',

BaseExceptionType = TypeVar('BaseExceptionType', bound=BaseException)

def reraise(
    tp: type[BaseExceptionType],
    value: BaseExceptionType,
    tb: TracebackType | None = None
) -> BaseExceptionType:
    """Reraise exception."""
    if value.__traceback__ is not tb:
        raise value.with_traceback(tb)
    raise value

class KombuError(Exception):
    """Common subclass for all Kombu exceptions."""

[docs] class OperationalError(KombuError): """Recoverable message transport connection error."""
class SerializationError(KombuError): """Failed to serialize/deserialize content.""" class EncodeError(SerializationError): """Cannot encode object.""" class DecodeError(SerializationError): """Cannot decode object.""" class NotBoundError(KombuError): """Trying to call channel dependent method on unbound entity.""" class MessageStateError(KombuError): """The message has already been acknowledged.""" class LimitExceeded(KombuError): """Limit exceeded.""" class ConnectionLimitExceeded(LimitExceeded): """Maximum number of simultaneous connections exceeded.""" class ChannelLimitExceeded(LimitExceeded): """Maximum number of simultaneous channels exceeded.""" class VersionMismatch(KombuError): """Library dependency version mismatch.""" class SerializerNotInstalled(KombuError): """Support for the requested serialization type is not installed.""" class ContentDisallowed(SerializerNotInstalled): """Consumer does not allow this content-type.""" class InconsistencyError(ConnectionError): """Data or environment has been found to be inconsistent. Depending on the cause it may be possible to retry the operation. """ class HttpError(Exception): """HTTP Client Error.""" def __init__( self, code: int, message: str | None = None, response: Response | None = None ) -> None: self.code = code self.message = message self.response = response super().__init__(code, message, response) def __str__(self) -> str: return 'HTTP {0.code}: {0.message}'.format(self)