This document describes the current stable version of Celery (5.4). For development docs, go here.


Task request.

This module defines the Request class, that specifies how tasks are executed.

class celery.worker.request.Request(message, on_ack=<function noop>, hostname=None, eventer=None, app=None, connection_errors=None, request_dict=None, task=None, on_reject=<function noop>, body=None, headers=None, decoded=False, utc=True, maybe_make_aware=<function maybe_make_aware>, maybe_iso8601=<function maybe_iso8601>, **opts)[source]

A request for task execution.


Acknowledge task.

acknowledged = False
property app
property args
property argsrepr
property body
cancel(pool, signal=None)[source]
property chord
property connection_errors
property content_encoding
property content_type
property correlation_id
property delivery_info
property errbacks
property eta
property eventer
execute(loglevel=None, logfile=None)[source]

Execute the task in a trace_task().

  • loglevel (int) – The loglevel used by the task.

  • logfile (str) – The logfile used by the task.

execute_using_pool(pool: BasePool, **kwargs)[source]

Used by the worker to send this task to the pool.


pool (TaskPool) – The execution pool used to execute this request.


celery.exceptions.TaskRevokedError – if the task was revoked.

property expires
property group
property group_index
property groups
property hostname
property ignore_result
property kwargs
property kwargsrepr

If expired, mark the task as revoked.

property message
on_accepted(pid, time_accepted)[source]

Handler called when task is accepted by worker pool.

property on_ack
on_failure(exc_info, send_failed_event=True, return_ok=False)[source]

Handler called if the task raised an exception.

property on_reject

Handler called if the task should be retried.

on_success(failed__retval__runtime, **kwargs)[source]

Handler called if the task was successfully processed.

on_timeout(soft, timeout)[source]

Handler called if the task times out.

property parent_id
property replaced_task_nesting
property reply_to
property request_dict

If revoked, skip task and mark state.

property root_id
send_event(type, **fields)[source]
property stamped_headers: list
property stamps: dict
property store_errors
property task
property task_id
property task_name
terminate(pool, signal=None)[source]
time_limits = (None, None)
time_start = None
property type
property tzlocal
property utc
worker_pid = None