This document describes the current stable version of Celery (4.0). For development docs, go here.

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"""The ``celery call`` program used to send tasks from the command-line."""
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals
from kombu.utils.json import loads
from celery.bin.base import Command
from celery.five import string_t
from celery.utils.time import maybe_iso8601

[docs]class call(Command): """Call a task by name. Examples: .. code-block:: console $ celery call tasks.add --args='[2, 2]' $ celery call tasks.add --args='[2, 2]' --countdown=10 """ args = '<task_name>' # since we have an argument --args, we need to name this differently. args_name = 'posargs'
[docs] def add_arguments(self, parser): group = parser.add_argument_group('Calling Options') group.add_argument('--args', '-a', help='positional arguments (json).') group.add_argument('--kwargs', '-k', help='keyword arguments (json).') group.add_argument('--eta', help='scheduled time (ISO-8601).') group.add_argument( '--countdown', type=float, help='eta in seconds from now (float/int).', ) group.add_argument( '--expires', help='expiry time (ISO-8601/float/int).', ), group.add_argument( '--serializer', default='json', help='defaults to json.'), ropts = parser.add_argument_group('Routing Options') ropts.add_argument('--queue', help='custom queue name.') ropts.add_argument('--exchange', help='custom exchange name.') ropts.add_argument('--routing-key', help='custom routing key.')
[docs] def run(self, name, *_, **kwargs): self._send_task(name, **kwargs)
def _send_task(self, name, args=None, kwargs=None, countdown=None, serializer=None, queue=None, exchange=None, routing_key=None, eta=None, expires=None, **_): # arguments args = loads(args) if isinstance(args, string_t) else args kwargs = loads(kwargs) if isinstance(kwargs, string_t) else kwargs # Expires can be int/float. try: expires = float(expires) except (TypeError, ValueError): # or a string describing an ISO 8601 datetime. try: expires = maybe_iso8601(expires) except (TypeError, ValueError): raise # send the task and print the id. self.out( name, args=args or (), kwargs=kwargs or {}, countdown=countdown, serializer=serializer, queue=queue, exchange=exchange, routing_key=routing_key, eta=maybe_iso8601(eta), expires=expires, ).id)