This document describes the current stable version of Celery (4.0). For development docs, go here.

Source code for celery.bin.result

"""The ``celery result`` program, used to inspect task results."""
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals
from celery.bin.base import Command

[docs]class result(Command): """Gives the return value for a given task id. Examples: .. code-block:: console $ celery result 8f511516-e2f5-4da4-9d2f-0fb83a86e500 $ celery result 8f511516-e2f5-4da4-9d2f-0fb83a86e500 -t tasks.add $ celery result 8f511516-e2f5-4da4-9d2f-0fb83a86e500 --traceback """ args = '<task_id>'
[docs] def add_arguments(self, parser): group = parser.add_argument_group('Result Options') group.add_argument( '--task', '-t', help='name of task (if custom backend)', ) group.add_argument( '--traceback', action='store_true', default=False, help='show traceback instead', )
[docs] def run(self, task_id, *args, **kwargs): result_cls = task = kwargs.get('task') traceback = kwargs.get('traceback', False) if task: result_cls =[task].AsyncResult task_result = result_cls(task_id) if traceback: value = task_result.traceback else: value = task_result.get() self.out(self.pretty(value)[1])