This document describes the current stable version of Celery (4.4). For development docs, go here.

Source code for celery.worker.worker

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""WorkController can be used to instantiate in-process workers.

The command-line interface for the worker is in :mod:`celery.bin.worker`,
while the worker program is in :mod:`celery.apps.worker`.

The worker program is responsible for adding signal handlers,
setting up logging, etc.  This is a bare-bones worker without
global side-effects (i.e., except for the global state stored in

The worker consists of several components, all managed by bootsteps
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals

import os
import sys

from datetime import datetime

from billiard import cpu_count
from kombu.utils.compat import detect_environment

from celery import bootsteps
from celery import concurrency as _concurrency
from celery import signals
from celery.bootsteps import RUN, TERMINATE
from celery.exceptions import (ImproperlyConfigured, TaskRevokedError,
from celery.five import python_2_unicode_compatible, values
from celery.platforms import EX_FAILURE, create_pidlock
from celery.utils.imports import reload_from_cwd
from celery.utils.log import mlevel
from celery.utils.log import worker_logger as logger
from celery.utils.nodenames import default_nodename, worker_direct
from celery.utils.text import str_to_list
from celery.utils.threads import default_socket_timeout

from . import state

    import resource
except ImportError:  # pragma: no cover
    resource = None  # noqa

__all__ = ('WorkController',)

#: Default socket timeout at shutdown.

Trying to select queue subset of {0!r}, but queue {1} isn't
defined in the `task_queues` setting.

If you want to automatically declare unknown queues you can
enable the `task_create_missing_queues` setting.

Trying to deselect queue subset of {0!r}, but queue {1} isn't
defined in the `task_queues` setting.

[docs]@python_2_unicode_compatible class WorkController(object): """Unmanaged worker instance.""" app = None pidlock = None blueprint = None pool = None semaphore = None #: contains the exit code if a :exc:`SystemExit` event is handled. exitcode = None
[docs] class Blueprint(bootsteps.Blueprint): """Worker bootstep blueprint.""" name = 'Worker' default_steps = { 'celery.worker.components:Hub', 'celery.worker.components:Pool', 'celery.worker.components:Beat', 'celery.worker.components:Timer', 'celery.worker.components:StateDB', 'celery.worker.components:Consumer', 'celery.worker.autoscale:WorkerComponent', }
def __init__(self, app=None, hostname=None, **kwargs): = app or self.hostname = default_nodename(hostname) self.startup_time = datetime.utcnow() self.on_before_init(**kwargs) self.setup_defaults(**kwargs) self.on_after_init(**kwargs) self.setup_instance(**self.prepare_args(**kwargs))
[docs] def setup_instance(self, queues=None, ready_callback=None, pidfile=None, include=None, use_eventloop=None, exclude_queues=None, **kwargs): self.pidfile = pidfile self.setup_queues(queues, exclude_queues) self.setup_includes(str_to_list(include)) # Set default concurrency if not self.concurrency: try: self.concurrency = cpu_count() except NotImplementedError: self.concurrency = 2 # Options self.loglevel = mlevel(self.loglevel) self.ready_callback = ready_callback or self.on_consumer_ready # this connection won't establish, only used for params self._conninfo = self.use_eventloop = ( self.should_use_eventloop() if use_eventloop is None else use_eventloop ) self.options = kwargs signals.worker_init.send(sender=self) # Initialize bootsteps self.pool_cls = _concurrency.get_implementation(self.pool_cls) self.steps = [] self.on_init_blueprint() self.blueprint = self.Blueprint(['worker'], on_start=self.on_start, on_close=self.on_close, on_stopped=self.on_stopped, ) self.blueprint.apply(self, **kwargs)
[docs] def on_init_blueprint(self): pass
[docs] def on_before_init(self, **kwargs): pass
[docs] def on_after_init(self, **kwargs): pass
[docs] def on_start(self): if self.pidfile: self.pidlock = create_pidlock(self.pidfile)
[docs] def on_consumer_ready(self, consumer): pass
[docs] def on_close(self):
[docs] def on_stopped(self): self.timer.stop() self.consumer.shutdown() if self.pidlock: self.pidlock.release()
[docs] def setup_queues(self, include, exclude=None): include = str_to_list(include) exclude = str_to_list(exclude) try: except KeyError as exc: raise ImproperlyConfigured( SELECT_UNKNOWN_QUEUE.strip().format(include, exc)) try: except KeyError as exc: raise ImproperlyConfigured( DESELECT_UNKNOWN_QUEUE.strip().format(exclude, exc)) if
[docs] def setup_includes(self, includes): # Update celery_include to have all known task modules, so that we # ensure all task modules are imported in case an execv happens. prev = tuple( if includes: prev += tuple(includes) [ for m in includes] self.include = includes task_modules = {task.__class__.__module__ for task in values(} = tuple(set(prev) | task_modules)
[docs] def prepare_args(self, **kwargs): return kwargs
def _send_worker_shutdown(self): signals.worker_shutdown.send(sender=self)
[docs] def start(self): try: self.blueprint.start(self) except WorkerTerminate: self.terminate() except Exception as exc: logger.critical('Unrecoverable error: %r', exc, exc_info=True) self.stop(exitcode=EX_FAILURE) except SystemExit as exc: self.stop(exitcode=exc.code) except KeyboardInterrupt: self.stop(exitcode=EX_FAILURE)
[docs] def register_with_event_loop(self, hub): self.blueprint.send_all( self, 'register_with_event_loop', args=(hub,), description='hub.register', )
def _process_task_sem(self, req): return self._quick_acquire(self._process_task, req) def _process_task(self, req): """Process task by sending it to the pool of workers.""" try: req.execute_using_pool(self.pool) except TaskRevokedError: try: self._quick_release() # Issue 877 except AttributeError: pass
[docs] def signal_consumer_close(self): try: self.consumer.close() except AttributeError: pass
[docs] def should_use_eventloop(self): return (detect_environment() == 'default' and self._conninfo.transport.implements.asynchronous and not
[docs] def stop(self, in_sighandler=False, exitcode=None): """Graceful shutdown of the worker server.""" if exitcode is not None: self.exitcode = exitcode if self.blueprint.state == RUN: self.signal_consumer_close() if not in_sighandler or self.pool.signal_safe: self._shutdown(warm=True) self._send_worker_shutdown()
[docs] def terminate(self, in_sighandler=False): """Not so graceful shutdown of the worker server.""" if self.blueprint.state != TERMINATE: self.signal_consumer_close() if not in_sighandler or self.pool.signal_safe: self._shutdown(warm=False)
def _shutdown(self, warm=True): # if blueprint does not exist it means that we had an # error before the bootsteps could be initialized. if self.blueprint is not None: with default_socket_timeout(SHUTDOWN_SOCKET_TIMEOUT): # Issue 975 self.blueprint.stop(self, terminate=not warm) self.blueprint.join()
[docs] def reload(self, modules=None, reload=False, reloader=None): list(self._reload_modules( modules, force_reload=reload, reloader=reloader)) if self.consumer: self.consumer.update_strategies() self.consumer.reset_rate_limits() try: self.pool.restart() except NotImplementedError: pass
def _reload_modules(self, modules=None, **kwargs): return ( self._maybe_reload_module(m, **kwargs) for m in set( if modules is None else (modules or ())) ) def _maybe_reload_module(self, module, force_reload=False, reloader=None): if module not in sys.modules: logger.debug('importing module %s', module) return elif force_reload: logger.debug('reloading module %s', module) return reload_from_cwd(sys.modules[module], reloader)
[docs] def info(self): uptime = datetime.utcnow() - self.startup_time return {'total': self.state.total_count, 'pid': os.getpid(), 'clock': str(, 'uptime': round(uptime.total_seconds())}
[docs] def rusage(self): if resource is None: raise NotImplementedError('rusage not supported by this platform') s = resource.getrusage(resource.RUSAGE_SELF) return { 'utime': s.ru_utime, 'stime': s.ru_stime, 'maxrss': s.ru_maxrss, 'ixrss': s.ru_ixrss, 'idrss': s.ru_idrss, 'isrss': s.ru_isrss, 'minflt': s.ru_minflt, 'majflt': s.ru_majflt, 'nswap': s.ru_nswap, 'inblock': s.ru_inblock, 'oublock': s.ru_oublock, 'msgsnd': s.ru_msgsnd, 'msgrcv': s.ru_msgrcv, 'nsignals': s.ru_nsignals, 'nvcsw': s.ru_nvcsw, 'nivcsw': s.ru_nivcsw, }
[docs] def stats(self): info = info.update( info.update( try: info['rusage'] = self.rusage() except NotImplementedError: info['rusage'] = 'N/A' return info
def __repr__(self): """``repr(worker)``.""" return '<Worker: {self.hostname} ({state})>'.format( self=self, state=self.blueprint.human_state() if self.blueprint else 'INIT', ) def __str__(self): """``str(worker) == worker.hostname``.""" return self.hostname @property def state(self): return state
[docs] def setup_defaults(self, concurrency=None, loglevel='WARN', logfile=None, task_events=None, pool=None, consumer_cls=None, timer_cls=None, timer_precision=None, autoscaler_cls=None, pool_putlocks=None, pool_restarts=None, optimization=None, O=None, # O maps to -O=fair statedb=None, time_limit=None, soft_time_limit=None, scheduler=None, pool_cls=None, # XXX use pool state_db=None, # XXX use statedb task_time_limit=None, # XXX use time_limit task_soft_time_limit=None, # XXX use soft_time_limit scheduler_cls=None, # XXX use scheduler schedule_filename=None, max_tasks_per_child=None, prefetch_multiplier=None, disable_rate_limits=None, worker_lost_wait=None, max_memory_per_child=None, **_kw): either = self.loglevel = loglevel self.logfile = logfile self.concurrency = either('worker_concurrency', concurrency) self.task_events = either('worker_send_task_events', task_events) self.pool_cls = either('worker_pool', pool, pool_cls) self.consumer_cls = either('worker_consumer', consumer_cls) self.timer_cls = either('worker_timer', timer_cls) self.timer_precision = either( 'worker_timer_precision', timer_precision, ) self.optimization = optimization or O self.autoscaler_cls = either('worker_autoscaler', autoscaler_cls) self.pool_putlocks = either('worker_pool_putlocks', pool_putlocks) self.pool_restarts = either('worker_pool_restarts', pool_restarts) self.statedb = either('worker_state_db', statedb, state_db) self.schedule_filename = either( 'beat_schedule_filename', schedule_filename, ) self.scheduler = either('beat_scheduler', scheduler, scheduler_cls) self.time_limit = either( 'task_time_limit', time_limit, task_time_limit) self.soft_time_limit = either( 'task_soft_time_limit', soft_time_limit, task_soft_time_limit, ) self.max_tasks_per_child = either( 'worker_max_tasks_per_child', max_tasks_per_child, ) self.max_memory_per_child = either( 'worker_max_memory_per_child', max_memory_per_child, ) self.prefetch_multiplier = int(either( 'worker_prefetch_multiplier', prefetch_multiplier, )) self.disable_rate_limits = either( 'worker_disable_rate_limits', disable_rate_limits, ) self.worker_lost_wait = either('worker_lost_wait', worker_lost_wait)