This document describes the current stable version of Celery (4.4). For development docs, go here.

Logging configuration.

The Celery instances logging section: Celery.log.

Sets up logging for the worker and other programs, redirects standard outs, colors log output, patches logging related compatibility fixes, and so on.

class, use_color=True)[source]

Formatter for tasks, adding the task name and id.


Format the specified record as text.

The record’s attribute dictionary is used as the operand to a string formatting operation which yields the returned string. Before formatting the dictionary, a couple of preparatory steps are carried out. The message attribute of the record is computed using LogRecord.getMessage(). If the formatting string uses the time (as determined by a call to usesTime(), formatTime() is called to format the event time. If there is exception information, it is formatted using formatException() and appended to the message.


Application logging setup (app.log).

already_setup = False
colored(logfile=None, enabled=None)[source]
get_default_logger(name='celery', **kwargs)[source]
redirect_stdouts(loglevel=None, name='celery.redirected')[source]
redirect_stdouts_to_logger(logger, loglevel=None, stdout=True, stderr=True)[source]

Redirect sys.stdout and sys.stderr to logger.

  • logger (logging.Logger) – Logger instance to redirect to.

  • loglevel (int, str) – The loglevel redirected message will be logged as.

setup(loglevel=None, logfile=None, redirect_stdouts=False, redirect_level='WARNING', colorize=None, hostname=None)[source]
setup_handlers(logger, logfile, format, colorize, formatter=<class 'celery.utils.log.ColorFormatter'>, **kwargs)[source]
setup_logger(name='celery', *args, **kwargs)[source]

Deprecated: No longer used.

setup_logging_subsystem(loglevel=None, logfile=None, format=None, colorize=None, hostname=None, **kwargs)[source]
setup_task_loggers(loglevel=None, logfile=None, format=None, colorize=None, propagate=False, **kwargs)[source]

Setup the task logger.

If logfile is not specified, then sys.stderr is used.

Will return the base task logger object.

supports_color(colorize=None, logfile=None)[source]