This document describes the current stable version of Celery (5.0). For development docs, go here.

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"""Tasks auto-retry functionality."""
from vine.utils import wraps

from celery.exceptions import Ignore, Retry
from celery.utils.time import get_exponential_backoff_interval

[docs]def add_autoretry_behaviour(task, **options): """Wrap task's `run` method with auto-retry functionality.""" autoretry_for = tuple( options.get('autoretry_for', getattr(task, 'autoretry_for', ())) ) retry_kwargs = options.get( 'retry_kwargs', getattr(task, 'retry_kwargs', {}) ) retry_backoff = int( options.get('retry_backoff', getattr(task, 'retry_backoff', False)) ) retry_backoff_max = int( options.get('retry_backoff_max', getattr(task, 'retry_backoff_max', 600)) ) retry_jitter = options.get( 'retry_jitter', getattr(task, 'retry_jitter', True) ) if autoretry_for and not hasattr(task, '_orig_run'): @wraps( def run(*args, **kwargs): try: return task._orig_run(*args, **kwargs) except Ignore: # If Ignore signal occures task shouldn't be retried, # even if it suits autoretry_for list raise except Retry: raise except autoretry_for as exc: if retry_backoff: retry_kwargs['countdown'] = \ get_exponential_backoff_interval( factor=retry_backoff, retries=task.request.retries, maximum=retry_backoff_max, full_jitter=retry_jitter) # Override max_retries if hasattr(task, 'override_max_retries'): retry_kwargs['max_retries'] = getattr(task, 'override_max_retries', task.max_retries) ret = task.retry(exc=exc, **retry_kwargs) # Stop propagation if hasattr(task, 'override_max_retries'): delattr(task, 'override_max_retries') raise ret task._orig_run, =, run