This document describes the current stable version of Celery (5.0). For development docs, go here.

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"""Built-in Tasks.

The built-in tasks are always available in all app instances.
from celery._state import connect_on_app_finalize
from celery.utils.log import get_logger

__all__ = ()
logger = get_logger(__name__)

[docs]@connect_on_app_finalize def add_backend_cleanup_task(app): """Task used to clean up expired results. If the configured backend requires periodic cleanup this task is also automatically configured to run every day at 4am (requires :program:`celery beat` to be running). """ @app.task(name='celery.backend_cleanup', shared=False, lazy=False) def backend_cleanup(): app.backend.cleanup() return backend_cleanup
[docs]@connect_on_app_finalize def add_accumulate_task(app): """Task used by Task.replace when replacing task with group.""" @app.task(bind=True, name='celery.accumulate', shared=False, lazy=False) def accumulate(self, *args, **kwargs): index = kwargs.get('index') return args[index] if index is not None else args return accumulate
[docs]@connect_on_app_finalize def add_unlock_chord_task(app): """Task used by result backends without native chord support. Will joins chord by creating a task chain polling the header for completion. """ from celery.canvas import maybe_signature from celery.exceptions import ChordError from celery.result import allow_join_result, result_from_tuple @app.task(name='celery.chord_unlock', max_retries=None, shared=False, default_retry_delay=app.conf.result_chord_retry_interval, ignore_result=True, lazy=False, bind=True) def unlock_chord(self, group_id, callback, interval=None, max_retries=None, result=None, Result=app.AsyncResult, GroupResult=app.GroupResult, result_from_tuple=result_from_tuple, **kwargs): if interval is None: interval = self.default_retry_delay # check if the task group is ready, and if so apply the callback. callback = maybe_signature(callback, app) deps = GroupResult( group_id, [result_from_tuple(r, app=app) for r in result], app=app, ) j = deps.join_native if deps.supports_native_join else deps.join try: ready = deps.ready() except Exception as exc: raise self.retry( exc=exc, countdown=interval, max_retries=max_retries, ) else: if not ready: raise self.retry(countdown=interval, max_retries=max_retries) callback = maybe_signature(callback, app=app) try: with allow_join_result(): ret = j( timeout=app.conf.result_chord_join_timeout, propagate=True, ) except Exception as exc: # pylint: disable=broad-except try: culprit = next(deps._failed_join_report()) reason = f'Dependency {} raised {exc!r}' except StopIteration: reason = repr(exc) logger.exception('Chord %r raised: %r', group_id, exc) app.backend.chord_error_from_stack(callback, ChordError(reason)) else: try: callback.delay(ret) except Exception as exc: # pylint: disable=broad-except logger.exception('Chord %r raised: %r', group_id, exc) app.backend.chord_error_from_stack( callback, exc=ChordError(f'Callback error: {exc!r}'), ) return unlock_chord
[docs]@connect_on_app_finalize def add_map_task(app): from celery.canvas import signature @app.task(name='', shared=False, lazy=False) def xmap(task, it): task = signature(task, app=app).type return [task(item) for item in it] return xmap
[docs]@connect_on_app_finalize def add_starmap_task(app): from celery.canvas import signature @app.task(name='celery.starmap', shared=False, lazy=False) def xstarmap(task, it): task = signature(task, app=app).type return [task(*item) for item in it] return xstarmap
[docs]@connect_on_app_finalize def add_chunk_task(app): from celery.canvas import chunks as _chunks @app.task(name='celery.chunks', shared=False, lazy=False) def chunks(task, it, n): return _chunks.apply_chunks(task, it, n) return chunks
[docs]@connect_on_app_finalize def add_group_task(app): """No longer used, but here for backwards compatibility.""" from celery.canvas import maybe_signature from celery.result import result_from_tuple @app.task(name='', bind=True, shared=False, lazy=False) def group(self, tasks, result, group_id, partial_args, add_to_parent=True): app = result = result_from_tuple(result, app) # any partial args are added to all tasks in the group taskit = (maybe_signature(task, app=app).clone(partial_args) for i, task in enumerate(tasks)) with app.producer_or_acquire() as producer: [stask.apply_async(group_id=group_id, producer=producer, add_to_parent=False) for stask in taskit] parent = app.current_worker_task if add_to_parent and parent: parent.add_trail(result) return result return group
[docs]@connect_on_app_finalize def add_chain_task(app): """No longer used, but here for backwards compatibility.""" @app.task(name='celery.chain', shared=False, lazy=False) def chain(*args, **kwargs): raise NotImplementedError('chain is not a real task') return chain
[docs]@connect_on_app_finalize def add_chord_task(app): """No longer used, but here for backwards compatibility.""" from celery import chord as _chord from celery import group from celery.canvas import maybe_signature @app.task(name='celery.chord', bind=True, ignore_result=False, shared=False, lazy=False) def chord(self, header, body, partial_args=(), interval=None, countdown=1, max_retries=None, eager=False, **kwargs): app = # - convert back to group if serialized tasks = header.tasks if isinstance(header, group) else header header = group([ maybe_signature(s, app=app) for s in tasks ], body = maybe_signature(body, app=app) ch = _chord(header, body) return, body, partial_args, app, interval, countdown, max_retries, **kwargs) return chord