This document is for Kombu's development version, which can be significantly different from previous releases. Get the stable docs here: 5.0.

Source code for kombu.pools

"""Public resource pools."""

from __future__ import annotations

import os
from itertools import chain

from .connection import Resource
from .messaging import Producer
from .utils.collections import EqualityDict
from .utils.compat import register_after_fork
from .utils.functional import lazy

__all__ = ('ProducerPool', 'PoolGroup', 'register_group',
           'connections', 'producers', 'get_limit', 'set_limit', 'reset')
_limit = [10]
_groups = []
use_global_limit = object()
disable_limit_protection = os.environ.get('KOMBU_DISABLE_LIMIT_PROTECTION')

def _after_fork_cleanup_group(group):

[docs]class ProducerPool(Resource): """Pool of :class:`kombu.Producer` instances.""" Producer = Producer close_after_fork = True def __init__(self, connections, *args, **kwargs): self.connections = connections self.Producer = kwargs.pop('Producer', None) or self.Producer super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) def _acquire_connection(self): return self.connections.acquire(block=True)
[docs] def create_producer(self): conn = self._acquire_connection() try: return self.Producer(conn) except BaseException: conn.release() raise
[docs] def new(self): return lazy(self.create_producer)
[docs] def setup(self): if self.limit: for _ in range(self.limit): self._resource.put_nowait(
[docs] def close_resource(self, resource): pass
[docs] def prepare(self, p): if callable(p): p = p() if p._channel is None: conn = self._acquire_connection() try: p.revive(conn) except BaseException: conn.release() raise return p
[docs] def release(self, resource): if resource.__connection__: resource.__connection__.release() = None super().release(resource)
[docs]class PoolGroup(EqualityDict): """Collection of resource pools.""" def __init__(self, limit=None, close_after_fork=True): self.limit = limit self.close_after_fork = close_after_fork if self.close_after_fork and register_after_fork is not None: register_after_fork(self, _after_fork_cleanup_group)
[docs] def create(self, resource, limit): raise NotImplementedError('PoolGroups must define ``create``')
def __missing__(self, resource): limit = self.limit if limit is use_global_limit: limit = get_limit() k = self[resource] = self.create(resource, limit) return k
[docs]def register_group(group): """Register group (can be used as decorator).""" _groups.append(group) return group
class Connections(PoolGroup): """Collection of connection pools.""" def create(self, connection, limit): return connection.Pool(limit=limit) connections = register_group(Connections(limit=use_global_limit)) class Producers(PoolGroup): """Collection of producer pools.""" def create(self, connection, limit): return ProducerPool(connections[connection], limit=limit) producers = register_group(Producers(limit=use_global_limit)) def _all_pools(): return chain(*((g.values() if g else iter([])) for g in _groups))
[docs]def get_limit(): """Get current connection pool limit.""" return _limit[0]
[docs]def set_limit(limit, force=False, reset_after=False, ignore_errors=False): """Set new connection pool limit.""" limit = limit or 0 glimit = _limit[0] or 0 if limit != glimit: _limit[0] = limit for pool in _all_pools(): pool.resize(limit) return limit
[docs]def reset(*args, **kwargs): """Reset all pools by closing open resources.""" for pool in _all_pools(): try: pool.force_close_all() except Exception: pass for group in _groups: group.clear()