This document is for Kombu's development version, which can be significantly different from previous releases. Get the stable docs here: 5.0.

Source code for kombu.utils.scheduling

"""Scheduling Utilities."""

from __future__ import annotations

from itertools import count

from .imports import symbol_by_name

__all__ = (
    'FairCycle', 'priority_cycle', 'round_robin_cycle', 'sorted_cycle',

    'priority': 'kombu.utils.scheduling:priority_cycle',
    'round_robin': 'kombu.utils.scheduling:round_robin_cycle',
    'sorted': 'kombu.utils.scheduling:sorted_cycle',

[docs]class FairCycle: """Cycle between resources. Consume from a set of resources, where each resource gets an equal chance to be consumed from. Arguments: fun (Callable): Callback to call. resources (Sequence[Any]): List of resources. predicate (type): Exception predicate. """ def __init__(self, fun, resources, predicate=Exception): = fun self.resources = resources self.predicate = predicate self.pos = 0 def _next(self): while 1: try: resource = self.resources[self.pos] self.pos += 1 return resource except IndexError: self.pos = 0 if not self.resources: raise self.predicate()
[docs] def get(self, callback, **kwargs): """Get from next resource.""" for tried in count(0): # for infinity resource = self._next() try: return, callback, **kwargs) except self.predicate: # reraise when retries exchausted. if tried >= len(self.resources) - 1: raise
[docs] def close(self): """Close cycle."""
def __repr__(self): """``repr(cycle)``.""" return '<FairCycle: {self.pos}/{size} {self.resources}>'.format( self=self, size=len(self.resources))
[docs]class round_robin_cycle: """Iterator that cycles between items in round-robin.""" def __init__(self, it=None): self.items = it if it is not None else []
[docs] def update(self, it): """Update items from iterable.""" self.items[:] = it
[docs] def consume(self, n): """Consume n items.""" return self.items[:n]
[docs] def rotate(self, last_used): """Move most recently used item to end of list.""" items = self.items try: items.append(items.pop(items.index(last_used))) except ValueError: pass return last_used
[docs]class priority_cycle(round_robin_cycle): """Cycle that repeats items in order."""
[docs] def rotate(self, last_used): """Unused in this implementation."""
[docs]class sorted_cycle(priority_cycle): """Cycle in sorted order."""
[docs] def consume(self, n): """Consume n items.""" return sorted(self.items[:n])
def cycle_by_name(name): """Get cycle class by name.""" return symbol_by_name(name, CYCLE_ALIASES)