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Source code for kombu.utils.text

"""Text Utilities."""
# flake8: noqa

from __future__ import annotations

from difflib import SequenceMatcher
from typing import Iterable, Iterator

from kombu import version_info_t

[docs] def escape_regex(p, white=''): # type: (str, str) -> str """Escape string for use within a regular expression.""" # what's up with re.escape? that code must be neglected or something return ''.join(c if c.isalnum() or c in white else ('\\000' if c == '\000' else '\\' + c) for c in p)
[docs] def fmatch_iter(needle: str, haystack: Iterable[str], min_ratio: float = 0.6) -> Iterator[tuple[float, str]]: """Fuzzy match: iteratively. Yields ------ Tuple: of ratio and key. """ for key in haystack: ratio = SequenceMatcher(None, needle, key).ratio() if ratio >= min_ratio: yield ratio, key
[docs] def fmatch_best(needle: str, haystack: Iterable[str], min_ratio: float = 0.6) -> str | None: """Fuzzy match - Find best match (scalar).""" try: return sorted( fmatch_iter(needle, haystack, min_ratio), reverse=True, )[0][1] except IndexError: return None
[docs] def version_string_as_tuple(s: str) -> version_info_t: """Convert version string to version info tuple.""" v = _unpack_version(*s.split('.')) # X.Y.3a1 -> (X, Y, 3, 'a1') if isinstance(v.micro, str): v = version_info_t(v.major, v.minor, *_splitmicro(*v[2:])) # X.Y.3a1-40 -> (X, Y, 3, 'a1', '40') if not v.serial and v.releaselevel and '-' in v.releaselevel: v = version_info_t(*list(v[0:3]) + v.releaselevel.split('-')) return v
def _unpack_version( major: str, minor: str | int = 0, micro: str | int = 0, releaselevel: str = '', serial: str = '' ) -> version_info_t: return version_info_t(int(major), int(minor), micro, releaselevel, serial) def _splitmicro(micro: str, releaselevel: str = '', serial: str = '') -> tuple[int, str, str]: for index, char in enumerate(micro): if not char.isdigit(): break else: return int(micro or 0), releaselevel, serial return int(micro[:index]), micro[index:], serial