This document describes the current stable version of Kombu (5.3). For development docs, go here.

Amazon AWS Connection -

Amazon AWS Connection.

class, http_client=None, **kwargs)[source]

Async AWS Connection.

class, timeout=20.0, http_client=None)[source]

Async HTTP Connection.

class Request(url, method='GET', on_ready=None, on_timeout=None, on_stream=None, on_prepare=None, on_header=None, headers=None, **kwargs)

A HTTP Request.


url (str): The URL to request. method (str): The HTTP method to use (defaults to GET).

Keyword Arguments:

headers (Dict, ~kombu.asynchronous.http.Headers): Optional headers for

this request

body (str): Optional body for this request. connect_timeout (float): Connection timeout in float seconds

Default is 30.0.

timeout (float): Time in float seconds before the request times out

Default is 30.0.

follow_redirects (bool): Specify if the client should follow redirects

Enabled by default.

max_redirects (int): Maximum number of redirects (default 6). use_gzip (bool): Allow the server to use gzip compression.

Enabled by default.

validate_cert (bool): Set to true if the server certificate should be

verified when performing https:// requests. Enabled by default.

auth_username (str): Username for HTTP authentication. auth_password (str): Password for HTTP authentication. auth_mode (str): Type of HTTP authentication (basic or digest). user_agent (str): Custom user agent for this request. network_interface (str): Network interface to use for this request. on_ready (Callable): Callback to be called when the response has been

received. Must accept single response argument.

on_stream (Callable): Optional callback to be called every time body

content has been read from the socket. If specified then the response body and buffer attributes will not be available.

on_timeout (callable): Optional callback to be called if the request

times out.

on_header (Callable): Optional callback to be called for every header

line received from the server. The signature is (headers, line) and note that if you want response.headers to be populated then your callback needs to also call client.on_header(headers, line).

on_prepare (Callable): Optional callback that is implementation

specific (e.g. curl client will pass the curl instance to this callback).

proxy_host (str): Optional proxy host. Note that a proxy_port must

also be provided or a ValueError will be raised.

proxy_username (str): Optional username to use when logging in

to the proxy.

proxy_password (str): Optional password to use when authenticating

with the proxy server.

ca_certs (str): Custom CA certificates file to use. client_key (str): Optional filename for client SSL key. client_cert (str): Optional filename for client SSL certificate.

auth_mode = None
auth_password = None
auth_username = None
body = None
ca_certs = None
client_cert = None
client_key = None
connect_timeout = 30.0
follow_redirects = True
max_redirects = 6
network_interface = None
proxy_host = None
proxy_password = None
proxy_port = None
proxy_username = None
request_timeout = 30.0
then(callback, errback=None)
use_gzip = True
user_agent = None
validate_cert = True

alias of AsyncHTTPResponse

body = None
default_ports = {'http': 80, 'https': 443}
method = 'GET'
path = '/'
putheader(header, value)[source]
putrequest(method, path)[source]
request(method, path, body=None, headers=None)[source]