This document describes the current stable version of Kombu (5.3). For development docs, go here.

Zookeeper Transport - kombu.transport.zookeeper

Zookeeper transport module for kombu.

Zookeeper based transport. This transport uses the built-in kazoo Zookeeper based queue implementation.


Limitations This queue does not offer reliable consumption. An entry is removed from the queue prior to being processed. So if an error occurs, the consumer has to re-queue the item or it will be lost.


  • Type: Virtual

  • Supports Direct: Yes

  • Supports Topic: Yes

  • Supports Fanout: No

  • Supports Priority: Yes

  • Supports TTL: No

Connection String

Connects to a zookeeper node as:


The <vhost> becomes the base for all the other znodes. So we can use it like a vhost.

Transport Options


class kombu.transport.zookeeper.Transport(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Zookeeper Transport.

class Channel(connection, **kwargs)

Zookeeper Channel.

property client
channel_errors = (<class 'amqp.exceptions.ChannelError'>,)

Tuple of errors that can happen due to channel/method failure.

connection_errors = (<class 'amqp.exceptions.ConnectionError'>,)

Tuple of errors that can happen due to connection failure.

default_port = 2181

port number used when no port is specified.

driver_name = 'kazoo'

Name of driver library (e.g. ‘py-amqp’, ‘redis’).

driver_type = 'zookeeper'

Type of driver, can be used to separate transports using the AMQP protocol (driver_type: ‘amqp’), Redis (driver_type: ‘redis’), etc…

polling_interval = 1

Time to sleep between unsuccessful polls.


class kombu.transport.zookeeper.Channel(connection, **kwargs)[source]

Zookeeper Channel.

property client