This document is for Kombu's development version, which can be significantly different from previous releases. Get the stable docs here: 5.0.

Source code for kombu.transport.memory

"""In-memory transport module for Kombu.

Simple transport using memory for storing messages.
Messages can be passed only between threads.

* Type: Virtual
* Supports Direct: Yes
* Supports Topic: Yes
* Supports Fanout: No
* Supports Priority: No
* Supports TTL: Yes

Connection String
Connection string is in the following format:

.. code-block::



from collections import defaultdict
from queue import Queue

from . import base, virtual

[docs]class Channel(virtual.Channel): """In-memory Channel.""" events = defaultdict(set) queues = {} do_restore = False supports_fanout = True def _has_queue(self, queue, **kwargs): return queue in self.queues def _new_queue(self, queue, **kwargs): if queue not in self.queues: self.queues[queue] = Queue() def _get(self, queue, timeout=None): return self._queue_for(queue).get(block=False) def _queue_for(self, queue): if queue not in self.queues: self.queues[queue] = Queue() return self.queues[queue] def _queue_bind(self, *args): pass def _put_fanout(self, exchange, message, routing_key=None, **kwargs): for queue in self._lookup(exchange, routing_key): self._queue_for(queue).put(message) def _put(self, queue, message, **kwargs): self._queue_for(queue).put(message) def _size(self, queue): return self._queue_for(queue).qsize() def _delete(self, queue, *args, **kwargs): self.queues.pop(queue, None) def _purge(self, queue): q = self._queue_for(queue) size = q.qsize() q.queue.clear() return size
[docs] def close(self): super().close() for queue in self.queues.values(): queue.empty() self.queues = {}
[docs] def after_reply_message_received(self, queue): pass
[docs]class Transport(virtual.Transport): """In-memory Transport.""" Channel = Channel #: memory backend state is global. global_state = virtual.BrokerState() implements = base.Transport.implements driver_type = 'memory' driver_name = 'memory' def __init__(self, client, **kwargs): super().__init__(client, **kwargs) self.state = self.global_state
[docs] def driver_version(self): return 'N/A'