This document describes the current stable version of pytest_celery (1.0). For development docs, go here.

Official pytest plugin for Celery

Welcome to pytest-celery, the official pytest plugin for Celery.

The pytest-celery plugin introduces significant enhancements with the introduction of version >= 1.0.0, shifting towards a Docker-based approach for smoke and production-like testing. While the celery.contrib.pytest API continues to support detailed integration and unit testing, the new Docker-based methodology is tailored for testing in environments that closely mirror production settings.

Adopting version >= 1.0.0 enriches your testing suite with these new capabilities without affecting your existing tests, allowing for a smooth upgrade path. The documentation here will navigate you through utilizing the Docker-based approach. For information on the celery.contrib.pytest API for integration and unit testing, please refer to the official documentation.

The pytest-celery plugin is Open Source and licensed under the BSD License.


This project relies on your generous donations.

If you are using pytest-celery to test a commercial product, please consider becoming our backer or our sponsor to ensure pytest-celery’s future.

Getting Started

  • If you’re new to pytest-celery you can get started by following the Getting Started tutorial.

  • You can also check out the FAQ.


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